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Wooden Dowels: How Are They Made?

Wooden dowels are used to hold all types of things together. In the past, they have been used to hold something as large as a ship together. Today, they are used for all types of purposes, and are most frequently used to build the furnishings that you have in your home.

As with most things today, machines are most often used to produce wooden dowels. In the past, they were made by hand. Technology soon replaced this tedious task, and machines can now make a dowel of any length, width, or shape within literally seconds.

This process is accomplish by clamping wood into place and then feeding it into a machine that is equipped with cutting blades or knives. A computer program tells the blades exactly how they should be moving in order to produce a perfect cut each and every time.

The wooden dowel machine has both an entry and exit. This allows for smooth movement throughout the cutting process, and will allow for cutting the dowel into almost any length. There are also high volume machines that can cut multiple wooden dowels at one time, and from a only one larger piece of wood.

Though you certainly have no desire to disassemble your furniture, should you decide to do so, you would be amazed at how many pieces are held together with wooden dowels. Even with this knowledge, wooden dowels will likely never be your favorite topic of conversation. However, it is always nice to know where the items that we depend on each day come from, and how they are made.

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